Mother’s Day Brunch Board

This years Mother’s Day is definitely different than most, with social distancing in place and most storefronts closed – I had to get creative with how I could make the day a bit more special.

I started looking for inspiration by browsing through Pinterest. Within minutes, I had tons of recipes pinned and genuinely could not decide on one. The idea of combining a few of these recipes onto a board seemed like fun! I love making grazing boards for any events we host, but had never attempted a brunch board before.

There are hundreds of ways to style boards, so it really is about getting creative with what you have. I always start with bigger (staple) items and use smaller (filler) items as I go.

This Mothers Day Brunch Board I created includes…




  • Walnuts
  • Pumpkin Seeds

The beauty of grazing boards is that anything goes…the options are endless!

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