Automobile Themed Sugar Cookies

In my kitchen, behind closed cupboards, is a mass of cookie cutters – every shape, size, and theme you could imagine. So when I was asked to create an automobile cookie set I headed to my trusty stash of cookie cutters and was shocked to find NONE!

I quickly headed to my local baking supply store, Scoop ‘N’ Save, and they came to the rescue. If you are in the Vancouver area they are located in Langley and have EVERYTHING a baker could need.

If you want to recreate this Automobile Cookie Set, I have included links to all my supplies!

For icing designs on the cookies, I always use The Cake Mamas tipless piping bags. They allow for fine lines and easy flow!

For the colour of the royal icing, I used a gel food colouring set from The Gourmet Warehouse. All the colours used in the pictures are within this set, including a true black which can be difficult to achieve when colouring icing. This set does the trick!

Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you recreate this set!

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