White Chocolate Walnut Blondies

Topped with walnuts and white chocolate – these blondies make a crowd pleasing dessert!  

Coconut Pecan Granola Bars

For the past year I have been in the market for a healthy protein packed granola bar, that does not have traces of peanuts. With more than half of my family being allergic to peanuts (including me!) it has been difficult to find a yummy granola bar without some sort of contact with peanuts. After...

Vegan Funfetti Cake – How To Hack A Cake Mix

Finding a dessert that pleases everyone can be difficult – especially with today’s increasing amount of dietary restrictions. It can also be daunting and time consuming to attempt a new recipe when you’re in a pinch for time. With this in mind, I began thinking of ways to simplify a vegan cake recipe… The idea...


Tiramisu is my ALL TIME favourite dessert, and it doesn’t even require baking! This delicious Italian staple starts with espresso soaked lady fingers, layered between a mascarpone cream, all topped with chocolate shavings…I know, say less. This recipe has been an essential at family gatherings for years, so I thought it was finally time to...

Chocolate Almond Granola Bars

This granola bar recipe is the perfect treat when you’re looking for something sweet! The toasted coconut brings such good flavour along with the almond butter, and what is better than a chocolate drizzle to top it off?! Although this is a “recipe”, there is no baking required and a lot of ingredients can be...

Browned Butter Pecan Cookies

Over the holiday season last year when looking for new recipes to bake, my cousin introduced me to brown butter cookies. At the smell alone I was in love, and things only got better with taste. Shortly after, I began recipe testing and found that the combination of browned butter and pecans was a new...

Vegan Almond Butter Chickpea Cookies

Not only are these cookies stuffed with flavour and protein, they are also vegan AND gluten free!

Chocolate Ting-A-Lings – A Kid Friendly Halloween Treat!

This recipe calls for ONLY 2 ingredients and is ready in 15 minutes! With no actual ‘baking’ required, it is the perfect festive treat to make with kids. Feel free to add any nuts or sprinkles for an extra something, or even switch up the chocolate!

Vegan Cookie Butter Donuts

One of my go-to desserts when I am in a pinch for time are baked donuts, specifically this vegan cookie butter recipe. This batter is a version of my plain baked donut recipe (coming to the blog soon!), with a few adjustments for a warmer taste. The addition of cinnamon and cookie butter make for...

Classic Chocolate Buttercream

This Classic Chocolate Buttercream is my go-to recipe for cakes and cupcakes! It’s light and smooth, with the perfect amount of sweetness. This frosting holds well for stacking and decorating all kinds of baked goods! I use one recipe to lightly frost two 13-inch round cakes, like this Triple Chocolate Cake.

Small Batch Double Berry Crumble

Although I have the worlds biggest sweet tooth, I am not the biggest fan of cooked fruit in desserts. Whether its a fruit pie, muffin, or cake – I never gravitate towards them. My family, however, are huge fans of any kinds of crumble, crisp or pie. A simple crumble is always the dessert request...

Strawberry Chips

This recipe requires ONLY strawberries – and it makes the yummiest snack. I love making a few trays of these strawberry chips at once to keep in the pantry for when the sweet tooth hits! They also make a delicious addition to grazing boards, as well as the cutest cupcake toppers!